At Davinci, our top priority is your child's safety. We surpass national safety standards to provide you with the highest quality products possible.  All of our furniture meets voluntary ASTM standards in addition to CPSC regulations. We also have created our own rigorous quality control program to stay ahead of industry standards.

8/15/22 New CPSC Federal Safety Standard for crib mattresses (16 CFR 1241)
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a new safety standard for crib mattresses, effective August 15, 2022.
As it has always been, the safety of our products remains our highest priority. Because of our own rigorous quality control program to stay ahead of industry standards, you can rest assured that all thoroughly tested DaVinci mattresses already meet the new safety standard that will take effect on 8/15/22. Please note that THIS IS NOT A RECALL, and no further action is necessary.
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We Surpass the Safety Standards
Slats/spindles static load strengths
(16 CFR 1219, ASTM F1169)
80 lbs 135+ lbs
Total lead content in paint
(CPSIA Section 101)
<.009% <.001%
Total lead content in surface coating
(CPSIA Section 101)
<.009% <.001%
Total lead content in substrate
(CPSIA Section 101)
<.01% <.001%
(CPSIA Section 105)
<.1% undetectable
Materials and Processes
Product Safety

See note below the FAQs to view chart on the current approach in testing all dressers and storage units, and how our testing measures against the new regulation.

ASTM F2057-23



Clothing Storage Unit >/= 27 in height, 30 lbs or greater in volume

Dual Weight

60 lbs

65 lbs

Major test

  • Simulated Clothing Load
  • Simulated reaction on carpet with child weigh
  • Simulated horizontal dynamic force


To learn more, visit the CPSC website.